Novitas Solutions will be introducing Smart Edits to our electronic billing systems. This enhancement will alert providers of any claims that can be repaired prior to a denial. The messages will display on the 277CA electronic claim response report and may require the claim to be resubmitted.


Benefits of Smart Editing:

  • Identify problematic claims sooner
  • Receive clear notifications on how to fix claim errors
  • Reduce time spent on claim resubmissions


Continue to monitor your email and the Smart Edits (JH) web page for more information on these upcoming changes.

Smart Edits – coming soon! (


Part A note: Have you seen the recent emails about making sure you are reporting the valid Medicare payer ID in your electronic claim files?  If not, please read the Payer ID smart edit details on the Smart Edits (JH)(JL) web page. It is important to see what is needed before April 23 to ensure your claims do not start to reject.